What Do Teachers Think?

Why TeachersConnect constantly talks to teachers

By Eliza Kano-Bower

Yesterday, I tried to vacuum the floors of my apartment. I say tried because my vacuum was not a helpful tool for cleaning my floors. The pathetic suction levels failed to collect dirt from my rugs, the attachment that should have allowed me to clean corners was not easy to find, and I could not figure out how to empty the dirt compartment. I found myself thinking: Did anybody ever test this thing?

When a vacuum is not intuitive or effective it is a minor problem, but when education products don’t help students learn it effects the educations of untold students. That is why user testing each and every ed-tech product is so critical, and why so many ed-tech companies spend so much time talking to teachers.

At TeachersConnect we constantly ask: What do teachers think? And then we ask real working teachers to look at what we are creating and give us feedback. We have conducted intensive interviews, brainstorming sessions, quick check in conversations, and surveys. We believe that only teachers know what they want and need to be the best educators they can be.

Right now, we are building the TeachersConnect app, which will provide K-12 and pre-service teachers with the tools they have asked for to stay connected and help each other. We have dozens of teachers who have agreed to help us test each piece of our initial product. They tell us if what we create would be relevant in their lives,  if screen flows are intuitive, and what they like or don’t like. We could not be more thankful to the teachers who have answered our questions and who are still helping us make sure that our app works a lot better than my vacuum. If you want to join the ranks of teachers providing us with invaluable feedback sign up here!

Eliza Kano-Bower grew up listening to her parents discuss education technology at the dinner table. Since joining the education field herself she’s created sales relationships with school administrators, driven marketing through blogs and social media, and used customer service conversations to improve product development. She brings her passion to Teachers Connect to help teachers and teacher prep programs foster successful mentorship and collaboration.

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