TeachersConnect Welcomes A New Teacher to the Team!

Who better to design products for teachers than a teacher?

We are excited to announce that Dan Staton has filled the long-awaited role of User Experience designer at TeachersConnect. It has long been our philosophy that we build every piece of our products with the needs, desires, and lives of teachers in mind. Dan has joined us to help us take that philosophy to the next level. He believes that carefully listening to teachers and really understanding where they are coming from is critical to successful design.

Like many TeachersConnect team members, Dan was a teacher, but watching countless teachers struggle with technology led to his transition into educational technology. His career goal is to make an impact by creating intuitive and effective tools for teachers. He is excited to spend as much time as possible testing ideas, listening to what teachers want, and ensuring TeachersConnect never strays from its mission.

“I believe that having empathy and listening to teachers is the best way to design experiences that can enrich their lives. I know how difficult it is to be a teacher, so I will always be a strong advocate for their needs. I am so excited to join the team!”         – Dan Staton

Dan has jumped into our app design process full of great ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. In his first week, he has sketched out ideas in pencil, turned them into interactive full-color designs, and he is about to start showing those designs to teachers to ensure everything we create will be useful to the people who matter the most to us. As we sprint towards our app launch early this summer, Dan’s work is going to be critical to our success and we are thrilled to have him.


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