Imagine A World Where Teachers Have Access To Each Other

How can every teacher become an amazing teacher?


When you were growing up did you ever have a really great teacher? A teacher who explained confusing problems in ways that clarified everything? Or one with so much energy and enthusiasm that they inspired interest from every student? Or how about a teacher that you knew really cared about you and your future?

Have you ever thought about how that great teacher became so amazing? I guarantee they weren’t born the best teacher ever. They had to learn and grow by continually improving lesson plans, practicing keeping students interested, and figuring out the best ways to show students they care. The one thing all great teachers have in common is the desire to keep improving their teaching for the sake of their students.

TeachersConnect aims to give every teacher the resources they need to continuously improve and become better teachers.  We have designed TeachersConnect from the ground up to help teachers discover their “kindred spirits” to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with each other.

When TeachersConnect launches this summer, teachers will have access to an active online community of other teaching professionals from around the globe.  Through our community, teachers are able to identify similar teachers by grade levels, subject areas, professional interests and physical locations.  Teachers can choose to follow others to stay informed of their updates and progress, as well as direct message and interact with them online.  Through these types of interactions, TeachersConnect aims to provide the safe nurturing environment that teachers need to continually improve their teaching, lessons and professional connections.

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