How Do Teachers Get The Answers They Need?

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As a teacher, every day presents new challenges. On Monday you have to figure out a brilliant way to teach long division to a student who is struggling. Tuesday you have a meeting with a parent whose child is transferring into your class. Wednesday you need to decide whether or not to send a misbehaving student to the principal’s office.

How do teachers learn how to handle those challenges? Who do teachers ask when they need answers to tough teaching questions?

Starting this summer, teachers will be able to post their teaching questions to the TeachersConnect community. Through the Q&A section of the app, any teacher will be able to type a question into their phone and that question will be sent out to a community of teachers.

Every question will live in a feed for the community to browse. The feed can be sorted to ensure unanswered or new questions receive attention. And for each question, a teacher can choose to answer it or indicate that they have that same question themselves.

Every teacher we have spoken to wants to help the teachers around them and many have amazing insights and experience to pass on. TeachersConnect Q&A provides a place to pass on hard-won knowledge and ensure new teachers don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Once a question is answered the question/answer set is stored in a searchable database to ensure that advice and answers will be available in the future.

TeachersConnet Q&A aims to give every teacher access to trustworthy answers to their tough teaching questions. Our goal is to create a strong community of teachers who work together to ensure that no one feels isolated.

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