Teaching, Learning, and Enduring Connections

Quick Thoughts From the ASU/GSV EdTech Summit

By Dave Meyers, TeachersConnect CEO

In his keynote talk, Tim Shriver, Co-Founder and Chair of CASEL, an organization that aims to make “evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) an integral part of education from preschool through high school,” shared the following definitions of Teaching and Learning:

A relationship.
The constructive act of two or more people bonded by shared experience, meaning, and value.


Sure, this definition has the obvious fingerprints of someone who has a bent toward social and emotional learning, and you could certainly make a case for terms like knowledge, thinking, analysis or application. But I like it—maybe because it speaks to the elementary teacher in me, or maybe because it’s at the heart of how we’re designing the look and feel of the TeachersConnect app due to hit the app stores in early July.

I also like it because it neatly sums up the draw of the ASU/GSV conference: shared experience, meaning, and value. Whether formal sessions, scheduled meetings, or impromptu discussions that happen when like-minded people collide over an afternoon granola bar snack, relationships develop—and teaching and learning bloom.

Shout out to the Ed Tech Times for spotting TeachersConnect at ASU/GSV!  See their full article about the startups shaking up education here.

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