New Features

The newest features of TeachersConnect are listed below. Do you have questions about how to use TeachersConnect? Or do you want to suggest a new feature? Choose a contact form to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Released 12/22/17:

  • In-App Notifications (New): Members now receive in-app notifications when new comments/answers are made on their posts/questions.  Members who Me-Too questions will also receive notifications for any new answers published.  The new notification count clears once a user visits their notifications page.
  • Site-Wide Search (Update): Member searches now include keyword results from comments and answers as well as the original post/question text.
  • Menu Navigation (Update): We’ve added a new way to add teacher communities from the main menu, as well as redesigned the menu layout to make it more intuitive for members.

Released 12/12/17:

  • Post Audience Settings: Set the audience for new posts so only members of specific communities can see them. Find the audience button in the bottom left corner of the create post or question box.

Released 11/27/17:

  • Menu: Access the “Create New Post” and “Ask a Question” buttons, your profile, your feeds, and the “Logout” button. The “Menu” button is always in the top right corner.
  • Profile Changes: View and edit your personal information, education, and teacher communities in your profile.
  • New Feeds: Join a teacher community to view a feed with only the posts from people in that community.
  • Search: Search by keywords and see every post that includes your search terms. The Search button is always in the top left corner.
  • Helpful: You can now mark comments and answers as helpful.
  • Improved Feed: The feed will now remember where you were when you go back to it after viewing a post. It also loads faster!
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