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Imagine A World Where Teachers Have Access To Each Other

How can every teacher become an amazing teacher?


When you were growing up did you ever have a really great teacher? A teacher who explained confusing problems in ways that clarified everything? Or one with so much energy and enthusiasm that they inspired interest from every student? Or how about a teacher that you knew really cared about you and your future?

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Finding New Pathways to Grow as a Teacher

How others have used TeachersConnect to grow professionally.


The other night, I sat listening to a couple friends chat about dating apps and websites.  They were talking about dates they’ve gone on, whom they’ve met, and honestly, a lot about how it didn’t often work out.  But it made me realize just how much technology has changed the way we meet and interact with people, both dating and in a larger sense.  You’re probably thinking right now, “Hello, Kristen… let me welcome you to 2017,” and if you were thinking just that, hear me out.

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Are You Attending SXSWedu?

Stop by SXSW Launch competition and give a holler for TeachersConnect!


TeachersConnect is honored to be selected to complete in the SXSW live startup competition at the SXSWedu annual conference! As one of ten national finalists chosen from a deeply competitive pool, TeachersConnect will have the opportunity to present to a panel of esteemed judges and a live audience. Continue reading Are You Attending SXSWedu?

TeachersConnect Welcomes A New Teacher to the Team!

Who better to design products for teachers than a teacher?

We are excited to announce that Dan Staton has filled the long-awaited role of User Experience designer at TeachersConnect. It has long been our philosophy that we build every piece of our products with the needs, desires, and lives of teachers in mind. Dan has joined us to help us take that philosophy to the next level. He believes that carefully listening to teachers and really understanding where they are coming from is critical to successful design. Continue reading TeachersConnect Welcomes A New Teacher to the Team!

How Meaningful are the Connections in Your Online Community?

Engaging through sharing
By Kristen Fleury

It was in the living room on Christmas Eve, surrounded by family, that I noticed both myself and fiance’s grandmother were the only ones not engaging.  I sensed a loneliness that we both shared in that moment.  We were both absolutely a part of it, yet for different reasons we were both not truly engaged in it.  In her lap sat a present she had received earlier that day from her son.  It was a photobook of old images of her hometown and family. I sidled up next to her and asked her to show me her new book and tell me about some of the images.  I’m not sure how long we sat there lost in looking at the images and chatting, but I know we made a memorable connection then. Continue reading How Meaningful are the Connections in Your Online Community?

What Do Teachers Think?

Why TeachersConnect constantly talks to teachers

By Eliza Kano-Bower

Yesterday, I tried to vacuum the floors of my apartment. I say tried because my vacuum was not a helpful tool for cleaning my floors. The pathetic suction levels failed to collect dirt from my rugs, the attachment that should have allowed me to clean corners was not easy to find, and I could not figure out how to empty the dirt compartment. I found myself thinking: Did anybody ever test this thing?

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Another Day in the Life of a Teacher

You can’t prepare for everything

By Dave Meyers

I’m in the second or third year of my career (teaching grade 5 at this point) and we’re just kicking off a unit the teachers call “Puberty and Reproduction” and the kids call “Sex”. We begin with what I think is a very healthy–and clear–talk about expectations and ground rules: We’re all here to learn, no one’s talking about others’ bodies, we’re going to respect privacy, etc. We all sign a contract saying that we’re going to help each other live by these ground rules. I nod approvingly as the students add their names to the sacred document; I’m feeling like the Kid Whisperer. Continue reading Another Day in the Life of a Teacher

One is the Loneliest Number

What happens when you’re profoundly alone standing in a room full of people?

By Marcel Ollmann

TeachersConnect is working with teachers on a user research project focusing on discovering what drives teachers in their daily lives and what challenges they experience in their professional careers. We have been performing this research primarily to inform our product development process—to ensure that we provide value and utility to teachers on a consistent basis. Continue reading One is the Loneliest Number

Teaching vs. Other Entry Level jobs

Understanding the Job Responsibilities of Teachers

By Eliza Kano-Bower

The first job young college graduates accept after college is a big deal. It’s an accomplishment and a first step along a prospective career path. Every year, over 300,000 graduates choose to become teachers and enter their classroom for the first time. Many of them may not yet know it, but those teachers have chosen one of the hardest jobs any twenty-something can get.

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