Our Team

Dave Meyers

Dave Meyers CEO LinkedIn
Dave designs products and learning experiences that give teachers the tools and techniques to get their students engaged with even the most complex tasks. Working together with teachers in their classrooms, they craft ways to ignite their students’ natural urge to communicate their ideas and experiences–clearly and convincingly. Dave taught Elementary and Middle school for 11 years and is insufferably geeky when it comes to teaching and learning.

Marcel Ollmann

Marcel Ollmann CTO LinkedIn
Marcel has been involved in teaching and learning for most of his life. A fully trained and road-tested teacher, he also has over 20 years experience in website design and coding, as well as sales and marketing.  In the last 14 years he has been intimately involved in the startup space.  He has an obsession for the place where ideas and technology intersect to solve real world problems.

Eliza Kano-Bower Director of Partner Success LinkedIn
Eliza grew up listening to her parents discuss education technology at the dinner table. Since joining the education field herself she’s created sales relationships with school administrators, driven marketing through blogs and social media, and used customer service conversations to improve product development. She brings her passion to Teachers Connect to help teachers and teacher prep programs foster successful mentorship and collaboration.

Dan Staton UX Researcher/Designer LinkedIn
Dan believes that having empathy and listening to others is the best way to design educational tools. When he was an elementary teacher, he saw how many teachers struggled with technology, so he made his transition to UX Design and Teachers Connect to make a bigger impact. He is enthusiastic about listening to the concerns and ideas that teachers have so that he can design creative and fun solutions to make their lives easier.

Kristen Fleury Community Manager LinkedIn
Kristen spent her formative years dreaming about becoming a teacher, but ultimately ended up pursuing a career in advertising and research where she spent just over five years in the industry. She officially made the leap into teaching in 2015 after much anticipation and apprehension. When she manages to pull herself away from her work, Kristen enjoys running, traveling and spending cozy Caturdays with Ellis (her cat).

Our Board of Directors

Hakan Satiroglu

Hakan Satiroglu LinkedIn
Hakan is an entrepreneur and seasoned executive focused on the transition of business models and processes in the digital age. His expertise includes go-to-market strategy, market positioning, sales channel development, technology product development, building and nurturing productive teams, and new business development.

Katy Tynan

Katy Tynan LinkedIn
Katy Tynan is a speaker, consultant, and author working at the intersection of people and technology. She helps individuals and organizations work better together. She has been advising businesses and educational institutions on how to leverage technology for operational efficiency, growth, and strategic advantage for over 20 years.

General Advisory Board

Steven Hodas

Steven Hodas
Head of Product at Citymart

Siobhan Dullea

Siobhan Dullea
Chief Operating Officer at MassChallenge


Jean Hammond
Co-Founder and Partner at LearnLaunch

Amy Spurling
COO Bedrock Data
Boston CFO of the Year

Education Advisory Board

Jon Saphier

Dr. Jon Saphier
Founder & President, Research for Better Teaching, Inc

Jerry Weast

Dr. Jerry Weast
Founder and CEO, Partnership for Deliberate Excellence

Ann Koufman

Dr. Ann Koufman-Frederick
Vice President, Learning Innovation with Consulting Services for Education, Inc

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison
Superintendent of the Tri-Town School Union

Michael Sabin

Michael Sabin
Principal, McCormack Middle School

Stacy Scott

Dr. Stacy Scott
Superintendent of Framingham Public Schools